Zoom Workshops – Metals

Intermediate and Advanced Enamel Painting

Mi-Sook Hur

September 4, 5 & 11, 12, 2021 
12:30-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $315

Sold Out! If you would like to be added to the waitlist send us an email at [email protected]

This 4 session Intermediate/ Advanced Enamel Painting workshop is for those seeking to explore and  develop their enamel painting skills using overglaze paints. Students should have prior experience with  enamel painting processes, as the workshop intends to give as many hands-on learning experiences as  possible. Ideally, the students may work along with the instructor, but are not required to. The class will  work on four projects – Two-Toned Flowers, Patterns in Nature, Insect with Transparent Wings, and Leaves –  within and between class sessions. Through these projects, students will learn about blending colors,  achieving layers, creating see-though effects, defining shapes, and adding details.

  • Students should have prior  experience with enamel painting processes. Not a beginners class


Mi-Sook Hur is an award-winning enamelist and metalsmith who is a professor at East Carolina  University (NC). Her work focuses on the realistic images inspired by nature and she explores the  modern studies of Limoges enamels. Most recently, she wrote a chapter about her painterly  techniques in The Art of Fine Enameling by Karen Cohen. 

She has taught workshops at the Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, the  Newark Museum, Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft, EGNE (The Enamel Guild North East),  and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. 

Her work is included in the collections of the Enamel Arts Foundation, Racine Art Museum, John  Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sunny & Gloria Kamm, and Arkansas Arts Center. 


Set your work apart:  Elevate your enamels

Anne Havel

September 15, 18, 22 & 25, 2021 
1:00-4:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $375

Registration Closed

Anne will build the setting pictured, start to finish.  She will discuss thought process/troubleshooting and then demonstrate each step, technique, and process until the piece is complete.  Multiple connections for the frame will be covered.  Only the setting will be covered and you must be able to solder, use a flex shaft, and pierce independently, although how choices are made will be discussed.  A facebook group will be created for questions between sessions.


Anne has been an independent studio artist for 19 years, teaching 10-20 workshops a year and exhibiting in juried fine craft shows.  Work is included in the permanent collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation as well as numerous private collections.  Service is a critical part of my journey.  I am a reformed CPA and now use my powers for good, serving as treasurer on several boards of directors.  Anne is the creator of the Project Mesh Residency.

www. annehavel.com

Setting Irregular Gemstones

Carin Jones

September 17  & 24, 2021 
1:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Registration Closed

Stepping outside setting regular smooth or faceted gemstones can open up a much wider world of creativity in your studio. Setting minerals, crystals and fossils can make for such unique pieces. In this class we will discuss many types of setting options including but not limited to bezel, tab, & prong settings. We will go over choosing the best design and how prep your mineral to ensure it’s protected. We will focus on completing a thick walled prong setting as your first piece! 


Carin Jones (Kuh-rin) is a Seattle area based artist that derives her inspiration from a zoological background, particularly years of collecting and cataloging specimens. As an architect’s daughter, she obsessively studies shapes and their interactions, notably those of elements not paired in nature.

In her Mineral & Marrow Series, Carin concentrates on an unexpected coupling of discarded bones and high end gemstones. While, at first glance this may seem contradictory, the partnership challenges the audience’s inclination to undervalue one material and overvalue the other. It clarifies the equality of elements – born of stardust and returning to stardust –  and emphasizes the true value of the natural world.  

Crafting materials commonly regarded as disposable into treasured pieces of wearable art challenges society’s perspective and, moreover, assists in realigning the audience’s standpoint.


@Jonesingforjewelry / @j4jcastings

Material Mimicry

Märta Mattsson

September 19 & 26, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Material Mimicry – Creating illusions and making faux materials 

Do you want to make a piece of jewellery that visually looks heavy like a rock but feels light as a feather? Or make a fake pearl shaped like a doughnut? How can we deceive the eye and make one material look like something it is not? In this course I will show you examples of how to manipulate alternative materials into imitations of other materials. I will be showing demos of how I use things like crushed stone, clay, pigments, wood, glue, paint and sand to create faux materials in my own jewellery practice. I will share some of my material secrets and we will be focusing on manipulation of materials with an emphasis on surfaces and finishes, encrusting, textures and small castings with materials like epoxy glue and plaster in silicone putty. 


Märta Mattsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. She received a Master degree from the Royal College of Art in London in 2010. She also received a Bachelor degree in jewellery art from HDK – Acadamy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and has been an exchange student at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry in Tokyo, Rhode Island School of Design in Providence and at Hawaii Pacific University. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally since 2006 in over 20 solo exhibitions and in many group exhibitions. Märta has given workshops and lectures around the theme of her work in countries like China, Belgium, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden and Latvia and she is currently employed as a lecturer at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts in the department for jewellery art. In 2016 Märta was awarded the prize Young Applied Artists 2016 in Sweden and her pieces can be found in prestigious Museum collections like MAD – Museum of Art and Design in New York and National museum in Stockholm.



Photographing your Artwork 101

Michael F. O’Neill

September 19 & 26, 2021 
4:00-6:30 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $155

In today’s world, having great photographs of your artwork is critical if you want to reach a larger audience. This class will cover all the basics for photographing your work, from lighting and backgrounds to cameras and post production. Will will be creating examples using cell phone cameras as well as DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, and compare the results. This class will include demonstrations on photographing 3D work such as Jewelry, Ceramics and Wood. 

No experience is required, students will need to have artwork to photograph and access to a camera, links will be provided and we will discuss software options including Adobe Lightroom.


Michael O’Neill is an educator and fine art photographer in Charlotte, NC and earned his MFA from New Mexico State University in 2007. His work has been exhibited at Notre Dame University, The Palace of the Governor’s in Santa Fe, NM, and in juried and group shows internationally. His work is in numerous private and public collections, including Bechtler Museum of Fine Art and the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He specializes in Infrared, Large Format and Pinhole photography and has been creating commercial photographs, specializing in architecture and art documentation for over 20 years.





Tube Settings: Basics and Beyond

Charity Hall

October 1 & 8, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

For more information about kits, please send email to [email protected] to purchase

Tube settings for faceted stones add delightful pops of brilliance and color to your jewelry. In this class, we will make tube settings for round faceted stones. Once you have mastered the basics of cutting and setting stones in traditional tube settings on both flat surfaces as well as ring shanks, we will explore how tube settings can be used in novel ways. For example, learn how to make a non-traditional, but fully functional hinge using tube settings. We will also explore examples of other creative applications for tube settings.

Students should have basic sawing and silver soldering skills as well as good eyesight or magnification.

*Kit contains the most essential materials needed for this workshop in the correct sizes. (6” sterling heavy walled tubing, Lynx setting bur, Lynx round bur, 20 practice stones in assorted colors) Other items are required for the workshop that are not included in the kit. Please refer to the student supply list.


Charity Hall is an enamelist and metalsmith in Blacksburg, VA. Using metal, enamel, found objects and gemstones, she creates a diverse array of biologically inspired jewelry. As a former botanist, Hall is interested in the intricate relationships between art and science. She completed her MFA at East Carolina University in 2008. She teaches jewelry and enameling workshops at John Campbell Folk School, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Penland School of Crafts, and many other locations around the United States. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.



Freedom of Granular Spray, Sgraffito and Watercolor enamels

Alisa Looney

October 1, 8  & 15, 2021 
4:00-6:30 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $235

Experience the freedom of Granular Spray! Apply white liquid enamel with the granular spray technique, resulting in a powdered finish that allows you to sgraffito (scratch) clean lines with ease and control – no more chipping! Experiment with several sgraffito tools (make a pin-pen tool!) to create varied line qualities and thicknesses in mark making, cross hatching, stippling, brushing, lettering and combing.  Work in any style: expressive or detailed, then add depth and color, layering watercolor enamels and lusters. Live zoom demos and instruction using pre-enameled steel panels and copper, designing flat and dimensional jewelry elements. Kiln required, firing techniques covered.


Best known for her award winning outdoor sculptures, Alisa Looney has exhibited in the U.S. and Canada. Her work is in a multitude of private and public collections, including Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA, and several U.S. cities in the Northwestern United States. Her enamel on steel sculptures have been exhibited in The Enamelist Society’s International Biennial Exhibitions: Alchemy 4 & 5, and published in The Art of Fine Enameling, Second Edition. Alisa expresses her ideas through sculpture, dance, painting and enameling in her Bend, OR, studio that she shares with her husband, woodblock printer Wade Womack.  She fell in love with metal arts as a silversmith in her early years, received her BFA in Design from Boise State University in 1983 and began welding in 1998.  Alisa returned to Idaho in 2010 to study enameling with her past BSU Professor Emeritus, John Killmaster. This created the opportunity for her to merge metal sculpture and narrative imagery into what she considers her most precious work to date. With John’s blessing, Alisa teaches these enameling techniques in her studio and in online classes for enamellists near and far.

Enamel Sculpture


Die Forming and Enameling
Kathryn Osgood

October 2  & 9, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Learn an easy low-tech method to create dimensional forms to enamel. Students will learn a simple method for creating acrylic silhouette dies and die forming copper using hand tools. A variety of ways to alter and enhance our die formed pieces will be demonstrated, including  piercing, texturing and forming techniques. Enameling on a 3 dimensional surface, creating a textured enamel surface through sugar firing, and building a rich colorful surface by layering opaque and transparent enamels will be demonstrated. Solutions for setting die formed enamel pieces will be discussed.

Basic metalsmithing skills are helpful, but all levels are welcome.


Kathryn Osgood is a metalsmith, enamellist, and Associate Professor at College of The Albemarle in Manteo, North Carolina. She received her MFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University. Her work is included in the collections of the Gregg Museum, Racine Arts Museum, and The Enamel Arts Foundation. Publications include The Art of Enameling, 500 Necklaces, The Art of Jewelry: Wood, Contemporary Enameling: Art and Techniques, Steel Wire Jewelry, The Art of Fine Enameling, and Metalsmith magazine.


VIRTUAL Passports Solitaire  – What is a ring?

Jorge Manilla

October 9, 2021 
1:00-3:30 p.m. ET 

SNAG Members: $145

Non Members: $190

Student: $115

Registration Closed

This workshop will provide creative thinking and conceptual tools that will help students to create ideas and prototypes that later can be translated in different materials, in this process the participants  can shape their artistic identity and develop a line of work based on personal interests and forms.

The experimentation of ideas and materials is a very important element in this workshop, the student will learn to read and develop a new artistic and visual language using questioning technique as the basis.


After obtaining his master’s degree in 2006 at St Lucas University College of Art and Design in Antwerp, Belgium, Manilla continued to work as a freelance artist and as an art educator at different institutions in Europe, Central and South America.

During 2014-2018, Manilla carried out a doctoral research at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, under the name “other bodies: fragments are not just small parts”.

In 2017, Manilla obtained the position of Senior Lecturer in the subject area of metals and artistic jewelry at the Oslo National Academy of Arts in Oslo, Norway, a position he continues to hold full time to this day.

Manilla is constantly active as a visiting professor in different official institutions as well as in private and independent organizations, as a critic and tutor of art programs, giving workshops on creative, technical and conceptual processes.

Manilla’s work has been acquired by various museums, collections and private foundations around the world.



Images and Patterns in Enamel

Jan Smith

October 9  & 16, 2021 
4:00-6:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

This workshop focuses on techniques allowing you to achieve images, patterns and marks in vitreous enamel. Emphasis in this workshop will be on creating both rich surfaces and compositions through exploration of both traditional and non-traditional enameling processes. Using copper the demonstrations include stencils, sifting, sgraffito, ceramic oxides, over-glaze/china paints, under-glaze pencils, graphite pencil and other experimental techniques.  

The goal of the workshop is to explore methods of creating images and designs whilst developing an understanding of the materials.   Ideally students will create a series of samples to allow them to develop a broad range of directions for their work.

Basic enamelling preferred but not essential


Jan Smith is an artist working primarily with metal and enamel.

She received a BFA from NSCAD in Halifax, N.S. Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally in curated and juried exhibitions. Her work has been published in New Earrings: 500+ Designs from around the world, On Body and Soul: Metalsmith Magazine: Exhibition In Print, Behind the Brooch, the Lark 500 Series, Color on Metal and the Art of Enameling.

Jan loves the diversity and seductive qualities of the enamel and enjoys sharing an understanding of the material with students.



Ferrous to Fine

April Wood

October 3  & 10, 2021 
4:00-6:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

This class focuses on the use of steel, typically considered a non-precious metal, in combination with precious metals for the fabrication of jewelry. Participants will learn about the working properties of steel and what makes it similar, but yet different from working with non-ferrous or precious metals. Demonstrations will be given on sawing several types of steel, as well as soldering steel wire and sheet with gold and silver solder for construction as well as surface embellishment. Patinas for steel and other color methods will also be discussed.


April Wood is a metalsmith living and working in Baltimore, MD. She is a co-founder of the Baltimore Jewelry Center, a metals + jewelry community education space in Baltimore city, where she is Studio Manager, Exhibitions Director, and an Instructor. She received her BFA in Studio Art, concentrating in Metals/Jewelry from Texas State University – San Marcos and her MFA from Towson University. She has taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art, the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Penland School of Crafts, Idyllwild Arts Academy, and Towson University. Her work has been featured in Metalsmith, Surface Design Journal, and Sculpture. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally.



Sculptural Hollow Forms

Sandra Enterline

October 7  & 14, 2021 
12:00-2:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Sold Out! If you would like to be added to the waitlist send us an email at [email protected]

In Sculptural Hollow Forms, Sandra will guide students through hollow construction in thin-gauge metal using forming and fabrication. She will cover three different hollow forms (spiculum, cone, and double-sided) that will open the door for students to make more advanced sculptural forms. Sandra will share her vast paper and metal template collection to demonstrate how simple 2D shapes can become exciting 3D forms. She will also cover stick soldering, patination, finishing techniques that utilize a variety of abrasives and common hand tools, and simple mechanisms that can transform hollow forms into functional, wearable jewelry. 


Born in Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1960, Sandra Enterline has long been inspired by the collision of the industrial and natural worlds. Her work is best known for its many hand-drilled holes. Sandra holds an AA in jewelry and metalsmithing from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA in metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design. Her award-winning work has been exhibited throughout the world, included in international museum collections, and featured in leading craft publications. In addition to her artistic work, which she creates from her studio in San Francisco, Sandra gives lectures and conducts metalsmithing workshops.




Paintings and Overglaze with Enamel 

Jamie Bennett

Session 1 –

October 16  & 23, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Session 2 –

November 6  & 13, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

This workshop will cover various methods of using enamels and overglazes for “Limoges”, painting processes. Emphasis of fine detailing and control will be covered.  The properties of various oils and oil recipes will be described.  Also, when is water better. A variety of methods of application will be demonstrated as well as finishing techniques. Methods of fabrication and settings for jewelry will be discussed.  Finished examples of work will be shown as well as a tour of my studio and its layout.  The follow-up week will review work completed as well as refresh techniques from the first week.  

Sources for materials will be provided. 

Students must have experience in enamelwork and some metal working ability. 


Studio artist working in High Falls, NY.  Professor Emeritus of State University of New York at New Paltz.  Has taught workshops in enamel internationally with residencies in Taipan, Taiwan,  Tokyo, Japan and Istanbul, Turkey as well as others.  Work in the collections of over 30 museums internationally, including the Metropolitan Museum, NY, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Pinacoteca Modern, Munich and The Hermitage, Moscow.  Represented by Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA,  Mauer/Zilioli Gallery, Munich.


Color Fully: Powder Coating for Personal Adornment

Laritza Garcia

October 22  & 29, 2021 
12:00-2:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

 Learn the process of Powder Coating to fully saturate your metal work with color. Powder Coat is a type of thermoplastic coating applied as a free flowing, dry powder. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, mainly used for industrial applications. In this workshop, we will explore the medium’s possibilities within the field of personal adornment. Instructor will demonstrate variations on application process, share tips on working with multiple pieces and safety information. Students will learn techniques for layering color, masking and using specialty powders to explore the potential of powder coating. 

 Basic metalworking skills recommended


Laritza Garcia is a Latinx metalsmith and educator. Graduate of East Carolina University where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2012. Currently, a lecturer in the Metal Design program at Texas State University. 

Laritza’s practice is underpinned by the integration of illustration, color and metalsmithing techniques to create body-oriented artwork. She’s presented at the Yuma Fine Arts symposium and Joya Barcelona. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Mint Museum, Arkansas Art Center, and Racine Art Museum. The work is featured in; American Craft and Metalsmith Magazine, 500 Necklaces: Contemporary Interpretation of Timeless Form, and New Earrings: 500 Designs from Around the World.



FOS – The Found Object Sandwich – Personal Photographic Pin Making

Thomas Mann

October 22  & 29, 2021 
3:30-6:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $155

Kit: $80

For information to purchase the kit, contact Instructor Assistant – [email protected]

Thomas Mann began making wearable photo construction pieces in the 70s when  he was fascinated with using found materials to create objects of quiet meaning.  That fascination eventually led to the creation of a design direction that became Techno-Romantic Jewelry Objects™, marking a pivot point in Mann’s success as  an artist. Immersed in an age of ever expanding info and technology, it’s hard to  remember that we’re human. Techno-Romantic jewelry objects are everyday  talismans that talk about our connection to, and separation from, technology.  

Our experience in this pandemic is one where many of us have lost loved ones,  or collectively has had us reflecting on loss and meaning. If that is your personal  experience as well, you might find the making of a celebratory photographic  wearable memorial pin to be a loving redemptive exercise. It would be Tom’s  distinct honor to guide you in the process as you learn several unusual and  useful metalsmithing techniques intrinsic to Mann’s Found Object Sandwich  making process.

 * Sawing is the most critical skill needed going into this workshop. If your sawing  isn’t great, OR you have a bad attitude about it, consider Tom’s Learn to Saw  instruction for a MENTAL & MANUAL tune-up about THE most important tool in the  jeweler’s repertoire


A self-described artist working in the medium of jewelry & sculpture, highlights of  Mann’s career include being a featured artist for Peabody Award winning PBS  television series “Craft in America” (which additionally was streamed to launch  the PBS Online Arts Portal); Competing on Food Network’s “All Star Academy”;  Having his artwork in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute’s  Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C. as well as the Museum of Art and Design in  New York; and creating his traveling exhibition “Storm Cycle – An Artist Responds  to Hurricane Katrina” which was shown nationally at museums and galleries including Bellevue Museum of Art, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and Ferrin  Gallery at SOFA Chicago.



Pin Back Perfection

Marissa Saneholtz

October 24  & 31, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

In this workshop, students will learn the basic anatomy of a successful pin back as well as the difference between a left-handed and right-handed mechanism. Students will learn how to make both single and double stem pin backs. The mechanisms that will be shared are simple and clean solutions that can easily be integrated into any design.

Open to all levels


Marissa Saneholtz makes narrative based jewelry and objects using humor and sarcasm. She is co-founder of the Smitten Forum, an annual traveling residency program and currently teaches at Bowling Green State University. Saneholtz’s work has been published in several books including Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin and Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox by Mark Fenn. Her work can be found in the collections of the Racine Art Museum and the Enamel Arts Foundation in Los Angeles.



Scratch & Sift.  Draw & Paint. – A Powerful Combination of Techniques

Anne Havel

October 27  & November 3, 2021 
11:00-2:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $190

Using a torch, line and image combination using sgraffito, wet-packing, graphite, and painting within your enamel piece will be demonstrated. We will start by applying a liquid enamel base and build all the layers from there.  The pictured piece will be very similar to the piece demonstrated. material to be covered includes:  sgraffito, wet-packing, sifting, graphite drawings on several different surfaces, etching, painting, sugar-firing, and how to fire the piece to maintain the full integrity of all previous layers.  Metal prep, forming, counter enameling for strength, torch safety, tip sizes, firing station options, and heat containment will be covered.


Anne has been an independent studio artist for 19 years, teaching 10-20 workshops a year and exhibiting in juried fine craft shows.  Work is included in the permanent collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation as well as numerous private collections.  Service is a critical part of my journey.  I am a reformed CPA and now use my powers for good, serving as treasurer on several boards of directors.  Anne is the creator of the Project Mesh Residency.

www. annehavel.com

Introduction to Metal Clay

Lyle Rayfield

November 4 & 11 2021 
12:00-2:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125


If you want to learn how to work with fine silver metal clay or need a refresher on forgotten techniques, this is the class for you. Session one will focus on basic techniques, with several simple earring designs, and cover rolling, forming, shaping, and refining, as well as repairs, torch firing, and finishing. Session two will focus on layered clay embellishments and unique textures created from everyday objects, while the project increases in complexity with a patchwork pendant and bail. Intermediate techniques such as reinforcing joints, sealing layered seams, and reconstituting dried clay will be discussed, along with kiln firing.

At the end of class, not only will you be well equipped to create distinctive silver clay pieces, but you will also know how to use metal clay in conjunction with more traditional metalsmithing techniques.


 Lyle Rayfield is an Art Clay World Master Instructor and award-winning metal clay artist. She is also an Accredited Teacher for Hadar’s Clay and a Rio Rewards PMC Certified Artisan. After many years of various jewelry ventures, Lyle discovered the world of metal clay and expanded her love of teaching into the metal clay community. She is a studio jewelry artist and currently offers classes on a regular basis at her home in Tucson, AZ, as well as through local arts education venues. 

Lyle has also taught at several national jewelry venues, including the Metal Clay World Conference, Art Retreat in the Desert, and the Bead and Button Show. Lyle is an active member of Desert Artisans, a local cooperative gallery in Tucson, AZ, and regularly writes step-by-step jewelry tutorials for Metal Clay Today, an online e-magazine for the metal clay community.


Intro to Torch-Fire Enameling: Basics and Sifting Techniques

Marissa Saneholtz

November 5  & 12, 2021 
1:00-3:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

GET FIRED UP! In this workshop students will learn how to effectively use a torch to fire enamels. Different options for efficient and safe home/studio setups will be discussed and explored. Students will be introduced to the basics of enameling; what types of metals to use, how to prepare metal, the different types of enamel available, how to apply enamel, and what to look for while firing. After the basics are covered, students will learn multiple sifting techniques that will allow them to create dynamic designs in enamel. Inspirational work made by enamelists and metalsmiths will also be shared.

Open to all skill levels!


Marissa Saneholtz makes narrative based jewelry and objects using humor and sarcasm. She is co-founder of the Smitten Forum, an annual traveling residency program and currently teaches at Bowling Green State University. Saneholtz’s work has been published in several books including Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin and Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox by Mark Fenn. Her work can be found in the collections of the Racine Art Museum and the Enamel Arts Foundation in Los Angeles.



Anything but Basic: Revisiting Enameling Techniques

Jan Harrell

November 6 & 13 , 2021 
4:00-6:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Many classic enameling techniques have ample scope for exciting new interpretations. Join noted enamellist and popular long-time instructor Jan Harrell as she shares her unique perspective on techniques and materials including:


       Basse taille



This workshop includes something to challenge and enhance the practice of every participant, from beginner to advanced artist. At the end of this dynamic two-day workshop, participants will leave with a catalog of techniques and samples that they can add to their enameling repertoire, along with a number of instructional handouts for later use.

Come ready to open your mind and broaden your enameling practice with some new yet accessible approaches to this fascinating, timeless medium.


Jan Harrell is a metalsmith, enamellist, and educator with over 25 years of energetic teaching at the Glassell School of Art. Her love for the glass / metal medium was fueled by her early childhood years in Japan and then grew into her college and grad school vocation and passion.

Jan teaches workshops across the country and participates in invitational and juried exhibitions. Her work is in the IAH permanent collection, the Kamm Teapot Collection, The Enamel Arts Foundation and several private collections. Her work is in over 15 books and publications.

Jan received her BFA from Texas Tech University and her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston.


Interdimensional Jump: Photos to 3d Objects

Matthew Hebert

November 7 & 14
4:00pm-6:00pm ET 

Tuition: $125

Appropriate for all skill levels

In this demonstration, students will learn how to create three-dimensional computer models from objects and environments using photography. We will discuss best practices for image acquisition, the photogrammetry process,  and prepping files for 3d printing and CNC fabrication. 

*There are no special skills required to take the course, as I will assume no prior experience. But, photography experience and computer modelling experience will be a big help.


  • Participants must have the ZOOM video platform downloaded on a computer or phone. It’s easy! Download here.
  • Participants must have reliable internet access and a computer or phone with sound recording and web-cam capabilities to participate.
  • Check out the list of additional supplies you will need for this workshop here.
  • Once registered, students will receive a video meeting code along with simple ZOOM instructions.
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable but are transferable with a $25 fee.
  • Features live demonstration and the ability to ask  questions. Participants will also receive a recording of the demonstration to use for up to 30 days.

Matthew Hebert has been working under the studio name eleet warez since the mid-90s. The name, borrowed from hacker culture, suggests the technical sophistication, improvisational spirit, and freewheeling appropriation essential to his work. Matthew creates work that deals with technology and its effects on the domestic environment and our sense of space and place. He takes recognizable forms and layers new use and meaning onto them. Ultimately, generating content through interaction between the object, the environment, and the user. Matthew’s work has been exhibited internationally. He is currently Associate Professor of Art at San Diego State University.




Making & Using Prong Settings

Joanna Gollberg

November 7 & 14 2021 
3:00-5:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

Optional Kit: $75

International Kit:  (send email to [email protected] to purchase)

In this virtual course, students will learn how to fabricate their own prong settings, using a torch with two direct gases (oxygen/acetylene or oxygen/propane), and how to then prong-set their stones appropriately. We will discuss several ways of using prong settings so students can have the knowledge to use prong set stones in their own designs. Strong emphasis will be placed on torch temperature control, as well as flame placement. Students can expect to gain knowledge, strategies, and confidence to make both calibrated and free-form prong settings in this technical workshop.

Basic jewelry making & Soldering skills helpful


Joanna received her A.A.S. in Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1997.  She has been a self-employed studio jeweler for 20 years, selling her work at craft & jewelry galleries and fine craft shows in the US. She has authored four books on making jewelry (all published by Lark Books), and her work been included in numerous publications, such as Metalsmith Magazine, Ornament Magazine, 20th Century Jewelers, and 500 Wedding Rings. She teaches jewelry making for metalsmithing groups, and craft schools, such as Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont, and Haystack Craft School.



Instagram-course for artists

Carina Shoshtary

December 3 & 5,  2021
12:00-2:00 p.m. ET 

Tuition: $125

In this online workshop for artists, designers, and people working in other creative fields you will learn how to use Instagram optimally to showcase, brand, and market your work, reach new clients, make interesting contacts, and gain more reach and publicity in general. The themes we will cover are bio, profile types, posts/grid, stories, reels, live, hashtags/tags, algorithm, Instagram shopping, reach, and more.

Please make sure to update your Instagram app on your phone so you have the newest version available.


Carina Shoshtary, a Munich based artist of German and Iranian ancestry, is known for her other-worldly contemporary jewellery pieces that are made from unconventional materials for unusual areas of the body. Her recent project “The Hunter” extended her practice into the fields of mask making, music, and photography, and initiated collaborations with performing artists. 
Since 2017 Shoshtary curates the highly popular Instagram page @fashion_for_bank_robbers on which she presents the most innovative masks and headpieces created by contemporary artists from all around the globe.



Color & Texture 

Jennifer Wells

December 4,11 & 18, 2021
9:30 – 12:00 pm ET  

Tuition: $235

In this workshop we will begin with metalworking techniques that work in collaboration with enameling, such as stamping textures, dye forming (with and without a press), drilling and working the metal to create forms that enhance the enamels and are conducive to setting. Once the metal work is done participants will begin working with enamels to emphasize the texture and form of the metal, layering with opaque and transparent colors as well as incorporating liquid enamel and P-3 to enhance the texture in the metal. Participants will experiment with grinding through layers of enamel, pencil drawing, watercolor enamels, and firing alternative materials into the enamel surface. Basic metalworking and enameling skills are required. 


Jennifer Wells is a studio artist and educator originally from the U.S, currently living in Italy. She holds an MFA, in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design and has completed artist-in- residencies at: Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Pocosin Arts and the Jentel Foundation. 

As an educator, Jennifer has taught for and been a visiting Artist at Universities throughout the U.S and for study abroad programs. She teaches short workshops on various enameling and metalsmithing techniques throughout Europe and the U.S. In recent years she has curated multiple international exhibitions focused on jewelry and enameling.

Her works are in the collections of the Enamel Arts Foundation, the Racine Museum, the All Russian Museum of Decorative Arts and Private Collections. 

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Glitter and Lines

Emily Pellini

December 5 & 12, 2021
3:00 – 5:00 pm ET  

Tuition: $125

In this workshop students will learn to apply and fire luster and China paint on to vitreous enamel to decorate their surfaces and add a new layer of information. Focusing on non-toxic options for lusters, students will be able to utilize a variety of easy to access materials to apply a layer of glitter and shimmer. China paint will be applied with a range of mediums to allow for multiple methods of application and finish. 

 Basic enamel fusing


Emily Pellini is an illustrator, Metalsmith, and Enamelist from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Her work is narrative and symbolic in nature, using elements of personal iconography to illustrate her pieces. Emily is a recent MFA graduate from Ball State University where she is concentrated in metals. Her work has been exhibited nationally and published in various texts.



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