Under Construction

Crafting COmmunity

Pocosin Arts' "Crafting Community" project will bring the community together for personal growth and career opportunities through craft education.

The project’s first stage begins with extensive renovations and improvements to our studios and community event building, the Riverview. After renovations are complete, we will partner with the local schools by providing studio/classroom space for use during the school day for career and technical education in woodworking, metalsmithing, and ceramics. In addition, to further serve our community, adult enrichment programs will utilize the studios in the evenings and weekends.  Finally, during the summer months, we will host visiting artists/instructors and students from across the United States taking part in our week-long studio workshops.

The metals, ceramics, woodshop, and Riverview event space renovations will help Pocosin Arts provide high-quality and diverse programs year-round. It will also bring much-needed economic vitality and opportunity to our region.  We will celebrate the completion of renovations with a grand opening scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

Thanks to these organizations for their support of Crafting Community