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Susan Filley: Porcelain Pots – On Form & Finish

February 18-21, 2016

Workshop Description:   Susan works in porcelain and makes pots that are both lively and elegant in character and uses dramatic glaze surfaces. The workshop will focus on making good pots and strong forms, starting with basic throwing skills, and moving into altered pots and some slab work on molds.  With demonstrations and projects, she will focus to help improve each person’s skills and offer new ways to design fun altered pots. There will be discussions on glazes and firing and other aspects of working in the studio. Students can choose between porcelain clay or white stoneware.

Susan Filley

Bio:   Susan has worked for over 30 years as a studio potter and has an MFA in ceramics from LSU. Susan’s work has been exhibited internationally, including the Fletcher Challenge in NZ and many national exhibitions: 21st Century Ceramics, Contemporary Clay National, and the Strictly Functional Exhibition. Recognized for her gestural grace in form and rich glaze surfaces, her work has been widely published: Ceramic Design Book, 500 Teapots, High Fire Glazes and more. Her works are in the Shiwan Museum in China, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, and many private collections. Read more about Susan at www.susanfilley.com.

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The Meal Plan includes lunch and dinner on Feb. 18th, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Feb. 19th and 20th, and breakfast and lunch on Feb. 21st. It includes nonalcoholic beverages only. Adult beverages will be available through the Old Salt Oyster Bar at dinners.
SO SORRY, THE LODGE IS COMPLETELY FILLED. There are alternatives . . . such as: the Brickhouse Inn in town, and the Dalton House Motel located across the river approximately 2 miles from campus. And, some of our neighbors have made lodging available in private homes, e.g., the Bulls Bay Cottage. If you are interested in attending and need help with lodging, please call us at 252 796 2787 and we will help as much as we can. Thanks.