Sue Sneddon

Illustrated NC Coastal Map

Limited Edition Print

16 x 20 inches

Most of my work, as it turns out, is exactly that — fleeting moments of light in the sky, on water, or on wet sand. And there’s no place I’ve experienced this in a more compelling way than at my beloved Emerald Isle. These moments do something to me that I can only express by trying to capture them on paper or canvas. I like to approach a subject realistically at first, so that it gets filed in my brain somewhere, to be called on when I want to express how I feel about the moment of a sighting that has moved me. I live for these moments of joy and wonder and reverence. Whether or not there is a human figure in the work I create, I may also be influenced by a conversation, visit, walk, or relationship associated with a particular moment I am trying to capture. And although water-related subjects are the ones I most frequently choose, there are other landscapes that I have painted over the years, particularly rural settings of trees, fields, and aging barns and houses.

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