Full & Partial Scholarships

Pocosin’s scholarship program is intended to make our workshops more accessible to students who would otherwise be unable to participate. We set aside at least one need-based scholarship for each on-campus workshop. Full and partial waivers of tuition and housing are available. Full scholarship recipients are required to assist with meal service or other responsibilities.

There is also at least one need-based scholarship available in each online workshop. Recipients receive a tuition waiver, and are responsible for the purchase of any kits or materials that may be required.

Scholarships for online workshops will be offered again soon, please check back this summmer.

Funding is generously provided by The John & Robyn Horn Foundation, the Bruce Barnett Scholarship, the James C. Hook Scholarship, and individual donors


Studio Assistant Scholarship

Studio assistants are responsible for helping instructors as directed, upholding Pocosin policies in the studios, and maintaining a clean and safe working environment. In exchange, they receive housing, tuition, and meals. Selection is based on knowledge of a working studio, relevant experience, and merit.

Below is a list of available assistantships.


All scholarships are reviewed on an ongoing basis, but must be received no later than 45 days before the start of the workshop.

Should an online workshop be canceled for any reason, scholarship recipients will be allowed to select an alternate workshop.

On-Campus workshop scholarships will be reviewed beginning on April 4, 2022.



The James C. Hook Scholarship for Tyrrell County Residents

Half to full scholarships are available to Tyrrell County residents through a Tyrrell Resident application. Please call (252) 796-2787 to request an application.

 Pocosin Fellowship

Participants in this new program will take a class every session between May 18 and August 28, 2022, at no cost and receive housing, meals when class is in session, and a small stipend. Fellows also participate in the ten-day Summer Residency program. In exchange, Pocosin Fellows work approximately 20 hours per week, primarily in our dining service. Work hours will overlap as little as possible with class time.

Applicants must be on campus during weekdays for the entire program duration and must have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle.

All participants in Pocosin’s on-site programs will be required to provide documentation of full COVID19 vaccination prior to arrival on campus.

Not Currently Accepting Fellowship Applications.