About Pocosin Arts

Resident Artist Opportunities

Pocosin Arts’ 10-Month Residency – Applications Due May 1, 2020  This program provides up to three emerging artists with personal studio space, time and tools to make and pursue their goals in a structured studio environment. Residents apply in their primary studio area and the program includes access to all studios, metals, clay, wood, and the Smith Fab Lab. Residents are required to and paid to teach two, three-hour community classes each week, one for youth and one for adults. Residents oversee the Cooperative Resident Gallery and participate in bi-monthly meetings with peers and staff to discuss projects and the practicalities of being a self-supporting artist. Residents may be asked to assist staff with various tasks for Pocosin Arts for up to 10 hours a week. The residency begins August 1, 2020 and runs through May 31, 2021.

Pocosin Arts’ 10-Day Summer Residency – Applications Due May 1, 2020  This ten day residency is for up to 21 artist to enjoy uninterrupted studio time to explore a new direction, experiment or collaborate, in one of three studios, ceramics, metals/jewelry and mixed media/painting. Residents may also schedule time in Pocosin Arts’ “Smith Lab” using digital fabrication to supplement their primary studio 

10-Month Residency

Applications Due May 1, 2020
Selected artists arrive August 1, to begin ten-month residencies. Artists receive a monthly stipend of $300, a furnished, private room and bath, shared kitchen and laundry facilities and personal studio space.  Pocosin’s Main Street Cooperative Gallery, overseen by the residents, features and sells the work of current and former resident artists and also presents an annual juried exhibition organized by the residents.

Pocosin Arts is located in the the Town of Columbia, with a population of approximately 900.  Our rural North Carolina community is situated in the northeastern part of the state and the school is just a few steps from the Scuppernong River and a short drive to North Carolina beaches. Within walking distance are several restaurants, a wine/coffee shop, public library, hardware and grocery store. Residents have plenty of distraction-free time to pursue their work.  Columbia is a welcoming town and Resident Artists are encouraged to  participate in community events and activities. 

Other nearby communities include Edenton, “The South’s Prettiest Small Town,”  30 min. west, the Outer Banks and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are 40 min. east, Greenville, home of East Carolina University and its thriving arts community is 1.5 hours west and Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads are 1.5 hours northeast.

The strongest candidates demonstrate a commitment to their craft that is evident in their work. Ideal applicants are:

  • Self-motivated, focused on their work, and have a clear vision for their time in residence;
  • Those who enjoy teaching and are sharing their knowledge of craft with students of ages from 6 and up;
  • Eager to engage with the community and visitors; participate in community events, and talking with visitors about the work in the gallery and Pocosin Arts’ programs; and
  • Those who want to become self supporting artists and support Pocosin Arts’ mission with up to ten hours of their time each week.


Studio Hours: Residents are required to be in their studios five days per week from 10:00 am. until 5:00 pm. During this time they engage in their work, oversee the gallery, teach or assist staff. 

Resident Cooperative Gallery:
The street level, storefront Resident Gallery is approximately 250 square foot and used primarily for the work of current and past residents and two annual exhibitions. The ceramics and metals studios adjoin the gallery which can be observed through floor to ceiling windows that overlook the gallery.  Residents greet and talk with visitors about the work in the gallery, handle sales and promote Pocosin Arts’ programs.  

Residents mount and manage two shows during their residency. One is  a juried show and the other is an invitational show. The residents select and invite artists for the second show.

Studio Coordinator:
Pocosin Arts hosts workshops led by professional artists. During the Residency period Pocosin will host about six workshop sessions.  Resident Artists serve as the studio coordinator in their primary studio and are responsible for:

  • Managing their primary studio space and coordinating with staff to keep studios stocked, clean and in good working order;
  • Preparing the studio for workshops and  conducting orientations for workshop assistants and instructors, answering questions and distributing materials; and 
  • Overseeing compliance with safety procedures.

Guest Liaison: 
Residents assist workshop guests with minor issues and questions, inform staff of guest concerns and secure the lodge at the end of the day. 

Residents are an important part of our local community, sharing their knowledge and creativity with others. Residents teach youth and adult programs. Youth programs may include “Art After School” and “Summer Art Camp.”  Adult community classes are offered weekly in metals, ceramics, painting and the Smith Lab.  Residents are paid at a rate of $15.00/hour for  teaching and are expected to: teach one Art After School class each week during the school year and one adult community class each week. Classes meet once per week for three hours.

Applications Due May 1, 2020

Pocosin Arts will select one resident for each area; clay,  metals and the Smith Lab in 2020 for 10-month residencies. Residencies begin August 1, 2020 and end May 31, 2021.

Financial Information: The residency is open to U.S. citizens.  Artists are selected through a competitive process. Residents receive a monthly stipend ($300/ month), housing, utilities and kitchen, laundry and studio space/use without additional charge. Resident artists are compensated for teaching at a rate of $15.00/hour. Residents must supply materials and consumables used in personal work. The commission rate for residents is 30% on gallery sales and commissioned work.

10-Day Summer Residency

Applications Due May 1, 2019

June 1 – June 10, 2020, is set aside for Pocosin Arts School of Fine Crafts’ second annual Summer Studio Residency. The program is intended to provide twenty-one artists, emerging through established, with ten consecutive days of shared studio space (7 artists per studio) and time to pursue work in one of three studios: ceramics, metals/jewelry, or painting/mixed media. Residents may also schedule time in Pocosin Arts’ “Smith Lab” using digital fabrication to supplement their personal studio work. Each studio and the Smith Lab will be staffed with a coordinator from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. to help with any equipment or studio related questions. However, they are not intended to provide instruction. The residency is designed to encourage an environment in which artists work individually and or in collaboration.

Housing: Residents will share accommodations in a quad room with up to three other residents. Each room has a private bath, and all bed and bath linens are provided.

Meals: A Low County Boil Dinner is provided for all residents on the first night of the residency on Pocosin’s Riverview deck. Throughout the remainder of the residency residents have access to a fully equipped kitchen and gas grill and may opt to share meal cost, preparation and clean up with other residents. There are also several restaurants within walking distance of the studios.

Materials: Residents are responsible for supplying their own materials and may ship items to Pocosin Arts in advance of the residency.

Slide Presentation: On the first evening of the residency residents are asked to bring 5 images for a three minute introduction of themselves and their work. 

Vinyl Night Dance Party: The first Saturday of the Residency DJ Eddie hosts the party in Pocosin’s Riverview House. 

Costs: Each resident pays a fee of $150 and any applicable fees at the end of the residency. Fees cover consumable materials, kiln firings, etc