Virtual Passport Series Workshop with Jeff de Boer – How to Make a Suit of Armour for a Mouse

I have been making armour for cats and mice for over 36 years. Over this time I have had to problem solve and invent unique tools and ways of working.  From designing to pattern making to making specialized tools, there many unique trade tricks and skills that once combined open a world of possibilities.  This workshop is going to be an introduction to the entire process of how I make a suit of mouse armour! The goal of this workshop is not so much about others making mouse armour as it is about sharing a way of doing something that can be applied to anyone’s practice. 


All of our online workshops are recorded and, with purchase of the seat in the class, you have access to the recording(s) between workshop sessions as well as for 45 days after the workshop ends.

Meet the Instructor

Jeff de Boer

Canadian born artist Jeff de Boer has established an international following over the past 37 years for creating some of the most fascinating and well-made art and artifacts today. Made famous for his collection of museum-quality suits of armor for cats and mice, Jeff’s work was recently featured in a major article and videos on…


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