Session 2: Practical Chasing and Repoussé

June 10 - June 14, 2024

Practical Chasing and Repoussé

This workshop will be a one-week intensive exploration of both the traditional and practical trade secrets to the ancient technique of Chasing and Repoussé.  Students will learn all aspects from designing 2D-3D, complex shaping of sheet metal including raising, to fabrication, tool making and of course chasing and repoussé.

Materials Fees for this workshop are estimated to be $145-175. This does not include materials that may need to be purchased by the student prior to the workshop.

Meet the Instructor

Jeff de Boer

Canadian born artist Jeff de Boer has established an international following over the past 37 years for creating some of the most fascinating and well-made art and artifacts today. Made famous for his collection of museum-quality suits of armor for cats and mice, Jeff’s work was recently featured in a major article and videos on…


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