Painted Enamel Confections

All Levels
May 16 & 23, 2024 10:00 am - 12:00 pm View in Your Timezone

Painting in enamel is easy when you know what you’re doing! The pigments require grinding with medium to produce vibrant rich colours which can be blended and applied layer upon layer, firing between layers to achieve 3D. You will be introduced to a variety of ways to apply water based and oil paint using sponges, brushes and pen line to produce boldly blocked colour and fine enamel miniatures. Lacquer resist will be used for masking and gold luster to embellish your paintings.



All of our online workshops are recorded and, with purchase of the seat in the class, you have access to the recording(s) between workshop sessions as well as for 45 days after the workshop ends.

Meet the Instructor

Gillie Hoyte Byrom

Gillie Hoyte Byrom is a leading exponent of the rare art of vitreous enamel painting. She has been commissioned extensively by an international clientele and most of London’s leading Silversmiths and Goldsmiths. Her enamel portrait miniatures have won numerous prizes including the prestigious Jacques Cartier Memorial Award. As a qualified teacher, Gillie enjoys sharing her…


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