Nakashima-Inspired Chair

All Levels
June 26 - June 30, 2023

Explore Taeho Kwon’s elements of “Perfect Design”: Aesthetic, Comfort, Durability, and Function, as exemplified by George Nakashima’s Conoid Chair. Students will build either a dining or lounge chair version of this design, and learn to cut compound angles with a tablesaw, perfect chair joinery, shape a seat & spindles, and make a three-part oil finish. Jigs and templates for both chairs will be provided by the instructor.

Meet the Instructor

Taeho Kwon

Taeho Kwon attended East Carolina University and majored in Commercial Arts, studying Interior Design. He then decided to take a step further and extend his understanding of joinery by attending The School of Traditional Korean Architecture. He focused on temples because he wanted to improve his knowledge of joinery and the secrets behind making it…


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