Book Arts: Form, Content, and Conception

All Levels
June 19 - June 23, 2023

Explore a variety of book forms including pamphlet, accordion, side-sewn Japanese binding, concertina, do-si-do book, flag book, and a “staggered-sheet” binding. Through experimentation with each structure with an emphasis on play, students will create a unique book and content. Cummins will also present a collection of artist books, including her own work and that of eminent book artists. The use of materials such as cloth, wood, metal, plexiglass, and glass will also be discussed.

Meet the Instructor

Maureen Cummins

Maureen Cummins has cranked presses from California to the Eastern Arctic, and created over forty limited edition books based on slave narratives; the Salem Witch trials; turn of the twentieth-century gay love letters; patient records from the oldest mental hospital in the US; and first-hand accounts from Syrian and Iraqi war refugees. She is represented…


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