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Alternative Firing Workshop

All Levels
November 5, 12, & 19, 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm View in Your Timezone
This 3-session workshop is intended for ceramicists who have limited to no previous knowledge of Alternative Firing techniques or those who would like a fresh perspective on these methods. The workshop will start with a demonstration on how I mix, apply, and burnish with Terra Sigillata. Additionally, we will cover my firing techniques which include Saggar firing and Raku firing using soluble metal salts as well as how to combine these methods. Join me for this fun and exciting workshop to explore a variety of alternative firing techniques and their diverse results!


Meet the Instructor

Scott Stockdale

I am an artist specializing in primitive firing techniques. I am fascinated with ancient cultures and the primitive firing techniques used to create various colors and patterns on the surface of the ware. I find the cultural significance of these processes both motivating and inspiring and I especially love these methods because of their organic…


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