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Columbia’s selection of restaurants is fairly limited at the moment.  Our largest restaurant, The Old Salt Oyster Bar, closed a few months back, but will reopen under new management in October.  Until then, your downtown choices are Elements Cafe located in the Scuppernong Winery on Highway 64 (a 3 min. walk), Columbia Crossing which is one building East of Elements, Tienda Mexicana Piniel #2 in the Scuppernong Mill House at 201B Main St. (next door), and Sandy’s at 203 Main St. (practically next door).  There are several other restaurants, such as Highway 55 (burgers) and China King, a mile or so East on 64, which are alternatives if you are willing to take a long walk or drive.  Finally, we’ve included Flemz Market and Deli on Road St. — also a long walk or drive.

Elements Cafe:Menu-Elements

Columbia Crossing:  Menu Columbia Crossing

Tienda Mexicana Peniel #2:  Menu Tienda Mexicana

Sandy’s:  Menu Sandys

Flemz Market & Deli:  Menu-Flemz