Neil Duman

Crimson Vase

Glass Vase with Silver Blue Frit over Aura Red

12 x 6 x 2 inches

Since early childhood Neil has shown a propensity toward creating art.  In 1972 he was accepted into the ceramic summer program at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA and into the first Magnet type school program at I. C. Norcom in Portsmouth, VA.  At I.C. Norcom he took photography and design classes and worked on the yearbook staff as a photographer.  In 1973 he was accepted to the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts in Baltimore, MD.  In 1975 he transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA to studio metal and jewelry design.

At Virginia Commonwealth  his advisor (glass artist Kent Ipsen) suggested that Neil try glassblowing as a studio class to fill his schedule.  That advise connected Neil to the medium Neil would pursue and develop throughout his life. As Neil has stated, “ After working in almost every other material I finally found what I was looking for.  It felt comfortable from the very first moment.”  When asked why he felt so comfortable with glass Neil states, “ The liquid state of glass, how it captures movement and the moment.  The way it can be transformed into almost anything I can imagine.  The constant movement while working fits me.” Neil finished his undergraduate program in both metal and glass and went on to graduate school in glass.

During a visit to VCU to give a presentation to the students he also was asked  to critique the students work.  Harvey asked Neil why he was in the graduate program.  Neil stated his desire to learn more about the glass material.  Harvey’s reply was that you can learn more in your own backyard studio working with the material then you will ever learn in school.

Neil left the graduate program at VCU and built his first glass shop that same year, 1978.


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