Metalsmithing Workshops – 2020

Metalsmithing & Jewelry

COVID -19 Policy: Pocosin Arts’ campus is temporarily closed to the public until further notice. We based this decision on the governor’s orders and efforts to help keep everyone healthy and safe. Currently, we are planning to follow through with our summer workshops beginning in June. However, without the ability to predict the future, we have created the following cancellation schedule. Click here to view the schedule.

Megan Corwin Chasing workshop at Pocosin Arts FEBRUARY 27- MARCH 2, 2020
chasing & Repoussé

Nancy Mēgan Corwin
February 27 – March 2, 2020
Tuition: $600
(includes materials, 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

This workshop will introduce students to the exciting and long-established processes of chasing and repoussé. The term repoussé refers to forming sheet metal from the backside to create raised areas on the front side in low to high relief. Chasing refers to adding texture and detail to the front. Students will learn traditional (working the metal in pitch, a pine resin-based material) and non-traditional methods (die forming) as well as how to make chasing tools. This workshop is a process and skills-oriented, with the focus on samples. However, samples can be used to create finished pieces.

Taehyun Bang Basic Raising & Forming + Asian technique for metal hollowware workshop at Pocosin Arts 2020
Basic raising & Forming: Asain Technique for Metal Hollow-Ware

Taehyun Bang
April 24-28, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, students will learn how to shape a hollow object (vessel) by hammering a flat piece of sheet metal. Students will learn the basic principles of metal stretching, forming, and annealing. We will compare both Western and Asian metalsmithing, exploring different perspectives of  craftsmanship. All levels

Alison Pack Fluid Form and Creative Color Workshop at Pocosin Arts MAY 15- 16, 2020
fluid form & creative color

Alison Pack
May 15-16, 2020
Tuition: $218
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first day)

This workshop will allow students to quickly and easily translate floral shapes into three-dimensional forms in light gauge copper. Students will apply basic forming techniques using Delrin mallets, carved wooden stakes, pliers, and their hands. The overall goal is to build confidence in forming, allowing participants to create while fully embracing the third dimension. Coloring techniques with a variety of acrylic paints, Prisma color pencils, nail enamel, and rub-n-buff metallic pigments will be introduced. Students will create a finished pendant. All levels

Chris Darway Brooch as Mechanism as Brooch 2020 workshop Pocosin Arts
mechanism as brooch/brooch as mechanism

Chris Darway
June 19-23, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

Brooch, a noun: an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch. In this workshop, students will take this idea of ornament and turn it into a personal statement using mechanisms from a century and a half ago. Inspiration will come from the classic 1876 “507 Mechanical Movements”. The workshop will cover tap and die, screws, nuts, and bolts, soldering stainless steel cable, rivets, springs, and fabrication techniques. Basic metals skills

Kathryn Osgood metal enamel workshop
die forming & enameling

Kathryn Osgood
June 26-30, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

Add dimension and color to your jewelry! In this workshop, students will explore enameling on dimensional forms. Learn how to create unique dies and utilize the hydraulic press to produce dimensional forms in metal. These forms will be the starting point as we add  texture and further alter the pieces. Enameling with opaque and transparent vitreous enamels will add layers of color. Techniques for setting enamels will be covered. Join us as we explore color, dimension, texture, and form. All levels

Molly Sharp stone setting workshop
fun with stone setting techniques

Molly Sharp
July 10-14, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this class, students will learn a variety of stone setting techniques. These include bezels for stones with corners, partial bezel, simple prong, tube, hammer set bezel using thicker gauge wire, and stone on stone settings. They will also learn how to fabricate a seat or bearing for irregular stones, sea glass, pebbles, or pottery shards. Some stones provided in the materials fee, but students are welcome to bring a selection from their collection. Basic metals skills

Sharron Massey Laser Engrave Enamel workshop
laser cutting/engraving for enamel

Sharon Massey
July 17-21, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, students will learn to use the laser cutter/engraver in a variety of ways that are compatible with enameling. For example, students will use the laser cutter to create hydraulic dies for forming and stencils for applying sifted and liquid enamel. Students will also laser engrave the surface of enamel to create imagery and texture. Participants will learn to prepare digital files and to operate the equipment, as well as related enamel and metal forming skills. All levels

Tanya Crane Workshop at Pocosin Arts JULY 24- 28, 2020
image, line, texture: screen printing on enamel

Tanya Crane
July 24-28, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, participants will draw, design, and print imagery and patterns, which will then be used to enhance their enamel jewelry. Students will capture imagery and repetitive patterns and then use a screen printing process to apply them to an enameled surface. These images can then be layered and altered using fine painting enamels. Students will also explore finishing techniques such as adding sand, steel, and other elements to enhance the surface of the enamel.  All levels

Robert Dancik faux bone workshop
Concrete: Not Just for Sidewalks Anymore

Robert Dancik
July 31 – August 4, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

Working with a new, lightweight, and durable artisan’s concrete, participants will learn numerous techniques for incorporating it with a variety of materials and metalworking techniques. These include epoxy resins and putties, Faux Bone, rock-like paper mache, and found objects. Participants will use the concrete in various ways, including filling a non-soldered metal box (made in class), casting into various molds, free form casting, and numerous other techniques. Students may expect to leave with finished projects and many examples.

All levels

AUGUST 7-8, 2020 Gather - A Celebration of Found Objects workshop with Marlene True & Robert Ebendorf
Gather: a celebration of found objects

Marlene True & Robert Ebendorf
August (6 optional) 7-8, 2020
Tuition: $218
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first day)

Ever wanted a special place to keep a personal memento? It may be something as simple as a seashell or a piece of sea glass, yet these items can be unique and worthy of a particular place of their own. We will spend the day of August 6, the day before the workshop begins, (optional) gathering objects from the nearby beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and bring them back to the studio to work with the following day. Demonstrations and instruction will include how to capture irregularly shaped objects, riveting, forming, simple hinge making, and other techniques as necessary to complete jewelry or small shrines to contain our gathered treasures.   All levels

Jamie Bennett Workshop at Pocosin Arts OCTOBER 19-23, 2020
chroma & sight in enamel

Jamie Bennett
October 19-23, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first day)

Enamel is certainly an expression of color, but it also can be an insight into what we see and how we see it. While students learn a variety of applications of enamel and overglazes to produce effects of color, they will also explore visual resources. In an age where most visual information is gathered from the internet, looking directly as well as incidentally will be emphasized. Enamel is a surface, as well as a color; attention will be paid to this quality. All levels