Lisa Beth Robinson and Kristin Thielking

Elegant Dish

Kiln-fused glass

15 x 15 x 3 inches

We believe that by examining a subject closely, capturing it in a single moment of time, it can reveal valuable information. We are suggesting that a big change can start with a small moment of realization. By using the subject of ocean water, constantly changing and essential for all life, we hope to spark thought and dialogue about what is happening to our oceans.

Robinson and Thielking began their glass collaboration in 2015, making fused glass panels and glass poem-boats that looked at shipwrecks in the ocean as a threshold, embodying the liminal space between wreck and rising-a reflection of the human condition. Their project leapt forward when the pair worked with scientist John McCord at the Coastal Studies Institute (NC) to photogrammetrically capture a wave in real time then recreate it in glass embedded with words and images prompting the viewer to contemplate ocean health and conservation. These waves came to be the focal points in sculptural installations designed to communicate, in a novel way, information about climate change, sea level rise, ocean health and to publicize ocean related research.

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