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Virtual Passports Workshop: Making Gold Wires

Giovanni Corvaja

July 18, 2021
10:00am-12:30pm ET

Coming Soon! 

For me, transforming gold into an invisible fibre is an addictive process. It has started very simply with the curiosity of seeing how it is drawing down a piece of wire to the smallest hole of the draw plate and then, over the years finding a way to make thinner and thinner wires. I studied how it is done industrially, how those processes can be adapted to alloyed gold, platinum or silver, how, on a low budget, we can attain fibre in a small scale workshop. My research was driven both by the curiosity of making a new material and by the necessity, to attain that material to give shape to the objects that I had in mind.

During the 2 and a half hour workshop I will explain, and show how to handle a long thin wire, I will tell about the main issues that one can find. I will explain how I overcame those problems and, out of the many solution which I found most suitable

We will also talk about the advantages of making our own wire,  the differences between various materials (gold, silver, platinum and their alloys) we will talk about the tools, I will give some information on who can supply small draw-dies and think about the most cost effective equipment.

Given the time and distance, I will mix live demonstrations with some pre-recorded short videos and slides. It will be an interactive workshop, questions are welcome.


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