Sarah Chapman

A studio jeweler and educator for over twenty-five years, Sarah Chapman’s academic background is a hybrid of studio art and education studies at Northeastern Illinois University combined with an ongoing love for self-directed exploration of metalsmithing through research and workshops. Chapman makes hand-fabricated metal jewelry and sculpture, aesthetically merging the industrial and natural worlds with an emphasis on functionality. Sarah shows her work in galleries and juried exhibitions across the country and currently maintains an active studio practice in Minneapolis.


Upcoming Workshops

Triple Threat: Bracelets with the Hydraulic Press

Learn how to pair the hydraulic press with three different bracelet forming accessories–synclastic, anticlastic, and free-form–to simultaneously curve and bend sheet metal into bracelet forms…

Session 8: Creating Dimension with the Hydraulic Press

Creating Dimension with the Hydraulic Press Students in this workshop will use the hydraulic press to explore new possibilities for creating dimension in their metalwork….

Hydraulic Press Fundamentals: Hollow Forms

In this fast-paced workshop, students will learn the fundamentals of die forming in the press to create hollow three-dimensional forms. Discover how to use commercially…

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