Robert Dancik

Robert is an artist/educator/author and developer of materials for artists. He has taught at Penland, Arrowmont, Touchstone, Metalwerx, Victoria College of Art – Australia, West Dean School of Art & Mid-Cornwall Jewellery School – UK and more. His work can be seen in numerous books and magazines and is in the collections of The Racine Museum of Art, The Gregg Museum of Art and Design, Boeringer- Ingleheim International, Schamberger International, Mitsubishi International, Japan, and more.

Upcoming Workshops

Faux Bone – for Jewelry, Spoons, Knives and More

In this workshop, we’ll explore Faux Bone, an incredible material that is nearly unbreakable, completely non-toxic, eassily worked and … inexpensive. It can be used…

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