Nora Kovats

Nora Kovats is an artist and jewellery designer from Cape Town. After graduating with a Masters in Jewellery Design from the University of Stellenbosch, she moved to Germany, where she began to establish herself as an independent artist. In 2020, she moved to the picturesque Bavarian town of Bamberg, where she opened a new studio-gallery-space together with her partner.

Nora’s work, both wearable jewellery and sculpture, reflects the world through the lens of her imagination. It speaks of an enchanted inner space, blurring the boundaries between flora, fauna and fungi to create an imagined archetypical garden. Above all, Nora is fascinated by enamelling as a technique, both due to its vibrancy and the element of chance and uniqueness dictated by the firing process. She dedicates much of her time to experimenting with enamel techniques.

Her work can be seen in galleries and on contemporary craft platforms such as Klimt02 and the Homo Faber Guide for Excellent Craftsmanship. She teaches workshops (both in her studio and internationally at craft schools) and regularly participates in contemporary craft exhibitions and jewellery competitions.

Upcoming Workshops

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