Lexie Koch

Lexie Koch is a craftsperson currently pursuing pinched, functional ceramics in Columbia, North Carolina. Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, she received her BFA in Crafts with a focus in Ceramics (and a minor in Art History) from Kutztown University amidst the pandemic. Due to this happening at a turning point in her life, her work makes reference to the passage of time and our human perception of it. Before coming to Pocosin, she had spent time working at Snow Farm: The New England Craft program as a work-study student, pursued a residency at her alma mater, completed a year-long residency at Core Clay, and she was an Assistant Studio Manager at Core Clay in Cincinnati. In March of 2023, she took part in her first group exhibition in association with NCECA titled Nostalgia, and she provided work for her first invitational show at River Oaks Square Art Center. Furthermore, she has gone on to participate in shows at Wildfire Ceramics, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Savannah Clay Community, Strictly Functional Pottery National, and more.

Upcoming Workshops

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