Alisa Looney

Alisa Looney’s sculptures are in many private and public collections, including Maryhill Museum of Art in WA, and several US cities. Her enamels exhibited in The Enamelist Society’s Alchemy 4, 5 & 6, and published in The Art of Fine Enameling, 2nd Ed. Alisa has taught at the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation, and online with Silvera Jewelry School and Pocosin Arts. She received her BFA from BSU in 1983, began welding in 1998, and returned to enameling in 2010, merging sculpture with narrative.

Upcoming Workshops

Dance of Watercolor Enamels and Lusters

Create depth, shading and detail by blending and layering Watercolor enamels. Alternating painting and sgraffito techniques, allows you to add and subtract enamel to build…

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