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Toni Best: Freeform Pine Needle Coiling on Gourd

09/01/2016 - 09/04/2016


Freeform Pine Needle Coiling on Gourd

September 1-4, 2016

Best - The WaveBest Basket 2Best Basket 3

Workshop Description:  Each student will work on a prepared gourd cut in a free dorm with a variety of shapes and sizes. The cut of the gourd will help each student coil in the non-traditional manner. Southern pine, or long leaf pine needles, will be coiled with waxed linen showing movement, undulations, an motion. With a variety of techniques such as positioning of the pine needles on previous coils, students will learn how to sculpt their creation. Floating coils will help form these undulations and movement of each unique piece. Participants will learn how to create this by going outside of the box and not creating a traditional basket.

Although beginners can attempt this basket, prior experience in coiling is recommended.

Best Basket 1


Bio:  Toni Best has been a creator and advocate of basketry for over fifty-five years. Specializing in pine needles and pine needle coiling on gourds, Toni has been spending her time since retirement creating pieces which stretch her imagination and are “outside” the box. One of her pieces was accepted on the National Basketry Organization’s “All things Considered VIII” exhibition and was part of a gallery show in St. Paul, MN and Harvard, MA. Toni has shown in galleries throughout the state, and continues to teach at festivals in CA as well as at her studio in Visalia, CA.Toni Best

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