Fun with Fibers and Fabrics!

January 9 – February 13 Tuesdays | 3:30 – 5:00pm Ages 6-13 Learn your way around some needles and thread in this 6-week class. Learning to sew, felt, dye fabric, weave, and more are all within the realm of possibility for this after school class.

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Textiles 101

January 10th - January 24th Wednesdays  |  12:00 - 2:00pm The world of textiles is a vast one, so come learn with Lexie about the basics of dyeing and sewing in this quick, 3-week course. Topics are tailored to students' interests, but may include patching holes/sashiko mending, shibori, embroidery, weaving without a loom, and more! […]


To Spin a Yarn

Learn to weave on a simple loom while our lovely librarians regale us about storytelling.   *Meet us at the library for this event!


Birds of a Feather

Migratory birds are here! Let’s capture their likeness in polymer clay pendants and learn about what species you might be seeing outside.   * Meet us at the wildlife refuge for this event!


Hanging on the Line: Quilts Tell A Story

Come learn with us about textile history in the South! Using felt, we will make our own micro quilts.   *Meet us at the library for this event!


Studio Sampler

February 20 – March 26 Tuesdays | 3:30 – 5:00pm Test out all of our primary studios while you work with our knowledgeable instructors. Students will get a mix of metals, ceramics, and 2D opportunities throughout this class. We are delighted to offer this class free of charge, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate. […]

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Fun with Fossils

Let’s get our hands dirty while we talk about all things bones! Owl pellet dissection will teach us about owl diets and we will get to investigate other found bones too.   *Meet us at the wildlife refuge for this event!


Bug Out: ‘Taxidermy’ Bugs

Let’s talk bugs! Attendees will make their own version of a ‘taxidermy’ bug from art supplies. Some dead bugs will be present for inspiration, but no live bugs are invited to this event.   *Meet us at the wildlife refuge for this one!


Opening Our Eyes to the Past

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us as we make flowers in the style of Yayoi Kusama.   *Meet us at the library for this event!


Innovative Stencil Enameling

March 22, 2024 9:00am - 12:00pm In Pocosin Arts' Metals studio   Tom Ellis, master enamelist,  will demonstrate his method of using stencils on flat copper to achieve sharp crisp image edges. Both transparent and opaque enamels will be used. This workshop is for all skill levels and all tools, equipment, and materials are provided. We […]

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There is No Planet B

Help us decorate the library using materials that would otherwise be discarded!   *Meet us at the library for this event.


Try It Night: Pottery

April 19th, 2024 6:00 - 8:00pm Give wheel throwing a shot in this one-off pottery class! Participants will get to make and keep 1-2 wheel thrown masterpieces, pick out glazes, and pick up ready-to-use pottery about one month after class. Be prepared to get dirty! Please make sure to wear old/dark clothes and trim your […]

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Wield a hammer in this smashing event! We will pick our own flowers, talk about what’s coming into bloom, and then smash them onto fabric for an eco-printing exercise.   *Meet us at the wildlife refuge for this event!

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