SAC Ages 6-10

Mixed Media Mayhem

Pocosin Arts

Welcome to Mixed Media Mayhem! Join us this summer for a creative explosion of colors, textures, and techniques. Dive into the world of mixed media art as we explore the endless possibilities of combining various materials like paint, collage, fabric, found objects, and more. Whether your child is new to art or an experienced artist, […]

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Seas The Day

Embark on an artistic voyage with our Seas the Day themed camp! Immerse your child in a world of creativity inspired by the ocean’s wonders. Explore the beauty of marine life, sandy shores and breathtaking seascapes through various art forms. From painting vibrant underwater scenes to sculpting sea creatures from clay, our camp offers a […]

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Art Safari

Prepare for a wild adventure as we journey through the untamed beauty of the African savannah. Join us as we explore the majestic animals, lush landscapes, and vibrant cultures of the safari. Whether your child is sketching safari landscapes, crafting animal masks, or painting vibrant portraits of exotic creatures, our camp offers a safari of […]

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Fairy Tale

Step into a world of enchantment with our Fairytale Art theme summer camp! Delve into realms of magic and wonder as we explore iconic fairy tales through art. From creating fantastical creatures, to constructing castles and dungeons, our camp invites your child to use their imagination and bring fairytales to life on canvas and beyond. […]

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Time Traveler’s Artist

From ancient civilizations to futuristic worlds, leaving no stone unturned  in the wonders of time and space through art. From creating ‘ancient artifacts’ or designing futuristic functional art pieces, this camp offers a thrilling adventure for artists of all eras. Join us as we travel through time, capturing moments from the past, present and future […]

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Galactic Gallery

Blast off into a universe of creativity with our Galactic Gallery theme camp! Delve into the wonders of outer space as we journey to infinity and beyond through art. From cosmic paintings to mixed media aliens, this camp offers an interstellar adventure for artists of all levels. Accompany us as we create our own galactic […]

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Wilderness Wonders

Immerse your child in the allure of nature with our Wilderness Wonders theme summer camp! Discover the untamed wilderness through art as we venture uncharted forests, rugged mountains, and serene lakeshores and sounds. Wildlife creations will take various art forms in this camp for artists inspired by the great outdoors. Explore with us for a […]

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