Clay Craft Workshops – 2020


COVID -19 Policy: Pocosin Arts’ campus is temporarily closed to the public until further notice. We based this decision on the governor’s orders and efforts to help keep everyone healthy and safe. Currently, we are planning to follow through with our summer workshops beginning in June. However, without the ability to predict the future, we have created the following cancellation schedule. Click here to view the schedule.

Mark Arnold ceramic workshop at Pocosin Arts
Press Molds & Terra Sigillata

Mark Arnold
May 15-16, 2020
Tuition: $218
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first day)

In this workshop, students will learn to create plaster molds to be used in combination with wheel-thrown and hand-built forms made of clay. In combination with the plaster press molds, the pottery wheel becomes a tool to assemble and build pieces. Students will explore and create a variety of utilitarian forms from cups to vases. We will discuss how to use carving, inlay, and terra sigillata as surface decoration to make each piece unique to the maker. All levels


Misty Gamble Build The Bust Workshop at Pocosin Arts
Hollow build the bust

Misty Gamble
June 19-23, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

Students will learn how to hollow-build a bust through an interwoven combination of slab, coil, and pinch. Sculpting demonstrations in hand building techniques, internal supports, basic anatomical construction, and embellishment of form/surface and proportions. The focus of the workshop will not be an anatomical ‘correctness’ but rather how gesture and metaphor can be used to develop content and meaning in human form. Students are encouraged to bring source material for narrative development. All levels

Tom Jaszczak Ceramic workshop at Pocosin Arts JUNE 26- 30, 2020
An exploration of form & surface

Tom Jaszczak
June 26-30, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days))

Tom will demonstrate several techniques for making, including his approach to wheel throwing and altering on the wheel to give work a sense of geometry. Also, trimming work on/off the wheel, handle resolutions, spouts, feet, and several different functional forms will also be covered. Hand building demonstrations will include using drape molds and bisque molds to build small/large forms. Surface demonstrations will overview tape/wax resist decorating and using experimental firing temperatures. Students should expect to go home with drape molds, bisque molds, and other various work. All levels

Mike Cinelli workshop at Pocosin Arts JULY 10- 14, 2020
form, function & fiction

Mike Cinelli
July 10-14, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, students will learn to make forms created from multiple thrown and hand-built shapes. We will create objects such as mugs, cups, ewers, and jars incorporating carving, division of space, and strategies for pattern and color. Students will also learn to create and use silk screens for pattern transfers. Additionally, we will explore glazing and surface finishes.

Intermediate level

Matt Repsher Ceramic Workshop at Pocosin Arts JULY 17- 21, 2020
carving & inlay techniques

Matt Repsher
July 17-21, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, Matt will share with students the various layers of surface treatment he employs to embellish his pottery. Demonstrations and discussions will focus on his use of carving and inlay techniques to create pattern as well as inlay techniques using colored slip. Students working in both wheel throwing and hand-building are welcome. Participants will have the opportunity to build vessels and try their hand at carving and inlay to establish a foundation for employing these techniques in their work. All levels


Renee LoPresti ceramics workshop at Pocosin Arts 2020
the layered surface

Renee LoPresti
July 24-28, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

In this workshop, students will focus on developing surface composition by layering underglazes and glaze directly onto leather hard clay. Custom paper and reusable die-cut vinyl stencils will be used to create layered patterns, shape, and detailed imagery. Students will be able to apply these techniques directly onto their wheel-thrown or hand-built surfaces. The methods and materials used during this workshop have the flexibility to be fired to any temperature/atmosphere.

CJ Jilek Workshop at Pocosin Arts : SurfaceTransformations in Form and Surface JULY 31- AUGUST 4, 2020
transformations in form & surface

CJ Jilek
July 31-August 4, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

Join Cj Jilek in creating unusual and exuberant works in clay inspired by life forms, patterns, textures and colors of the natural world.  Explore a layered approach to the ceramic surface that evolves from wet clay through bone dry to bisque. Techniques will include hand-building with wooden drape molds, soft slab building, coiling, and texturing to create expressive and surface rich forms. Surface practices will include the use of color through underglaze, pattern making, texturing, and carving.Students will explore creating depth of surface for both sculptural and utilitarian practices.

Portraits in clay

Gabrielle Graber
August 7-8, 2020
Tuition: $218
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first day)

The focus of this workshop is for students to create expressive sculptures in clay. Each student will learn how to hollow build a figurative form using a variety of hand-building techniques. Students should plan to bring a sketchbook and any desired images for inspiration. Students may take their finished piece home or have it fired and shipped from Pocosin Arts. All Levels


Kurt Anderson Surface Bootcamp workshop at Pocosin Arts 2020
surface bootcamp

Kurt Anderson
October 19-23, 2020
Tuition: $545
(includes 35 reg. fee & lunch on first/last days)

This workshop will explore varying types of surface decoration, including sgraffito, Mishima, and simple brushwork. Students will work to create functional pieces by hand or if preferred by wheel. These forms will serve as the canvas for mark making and decoration. Students will leave with unique functional ware. All levels