2022 Mural

Request for Qualifications: outdoor mural

Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft and the Town of Columbia are seeking qualifications from professional artists or artist teams, to design and paint an outdoor mural on a prominent building wall located at 201 Main Street, Columbia, N.C. The project is to be completed between 10/3/2022 – 10/28/2022, and has a $27,500 stipend with funding provided by the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

The goals of this mural are to enhance the cultural connectivity and economic vitality in downtown Columbia through engaging artwork and creative place-making, to honor the city’s history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage; and to provide opportunity for community engagement and ownership.

The project should meet the objectives of creating a mural that is colorful and inspiring for residents and visitors, and reflects the unique characteristics and assets of Columbia. The mural wall commands a prominent location with lots of visibility in downtown Columbia and Highway 64. The dimensions of the area to be covered are 50’ x 24’ 8”, or approximately 1250 square feet.

Artist Eligibility & Submissions

Preference will be given to North Carolina and local/regional artists or artist teams that have prior experience in creating public art, murals, and large-scale artworks. Submit application materials via Pocosin Arts Slideroom by April 29, 2022.


The total amount to be paid to the artist is a stipend is $27,500. This is inclusive of the design, travel, installation/painting process, and any primer, paint, brushes, and installation materials necessary to complete the mural. The artist will provide scaffolding/equipment/and insurance for painting the mural. Pocosin Arts will provide housing on-site while the mural is being completed.

Artist’s Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the selected artist is to create a detailed color rendering of the mural wall reflecting the artist’s proposal for final approval by the selection committee. The artist will coordinate with Pocosin Arts’ Executive Director to schedule community engagement activities before beginning the painting process, and the painting schedule. The artist will also apply a final sealant at the completion of the painting, and will attend the mural dedication.

Community Profile

Columbia is the county seat of Tyrrell County, and is in northeastern North Carolina, near the Outer Banks. Columbia sits on the Scuppernong River, and the county is bordered on the north by the Albemarle Sound, one of the East Coast’s largest estuarine systems. Columbia and Tyrrell County have an abundance of natural and cultural resources, including the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, a 110,000-acre conservation, that is one of the largest ecosystems for black bears on the United States east coast. Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft offers year-round craft workshops in metals and jewelry, ceramics, drawing, painting, textiles, books, wood, and digital fabrication. The nearby Columbia Theater and Cultural Resources Center is an environmental and cultural history museum, dedicated to the natural sound-bordering habitats that focus on fishing, forestry, and farming in the Albemarle Sound region.

Selection Process

This project has a two-step selection process. After applications are received, the selection panel will invite up to three finalists to submit a proposal. Finalists will be chosen based on artistic accomplishment, technical competence, experience with collaboration and with multiple stakeholders. Has demonstrated the ability to create artwork that reflects the distinctive characteristics of a place, and demonstrated the ability to complete projects on time and within budget. Finalists will each receive a stipend of $500.

The final selection will be based on artistic merit, originality, artist qualifications, appropriateness of the design for the location, and a concept that reflects the stated goals of the project.

For more information contact marlene@pocosinarts.org.