About Pocosin Arts


Craft education is at the heart of Pocosin Arts programs. The name, “Pocosin” comes from an Eastern Algonquian word meaning, “swamp on a hill” a prominent feature of the beautiful environment surrounding the school. Pocosin offers 40-50 workshops each year ranging from two to seven days in clay, metals, mixed media, photography, textiles, wood, digital media, and other special topics. Click on the following images to see all our 2019 workshops.

Fab Lab
Fab Lab
Metals & Jewelry
Painting & Drawing
Mixed Media
Cabin Fever Reliever XIX

Who are Pocosin’s students?  Anyone who enjoys making and the creative experience, from beginners who wish to learn something new, to intermediate and advanced students. Most workshops welcome all experience levels.

What makes Pocosin Arts an exceptional craft destination?  Pocosin offers a personal, friendly experience, in our well-equipped studios, and comfortable lodging.  A prominent presence in the Town of Columbia, we are on the corner of Water & Main Streets, just steps from the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and the beautiful Scuppernong River Boardwalk; lined with cypress trees, abundant wildlife and places to sit. For meals participants enjoy local restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all less than a minute’s walk from our studios. Participants may also prefer to join with others or individually to prepare meals in the lodge kitchen. The close proximity of studios, lodging, restaurants, nature and the charm of Main Street make for an exceptional Craft School Experience.

Pocosin Arts participants enroll in one workshop per session and typically stay in our comfortable Riverside Lodge. This provides the best opportunity for an immersive learning experience while enjoying camaraderie with fellow students and instructors. The minimum age for Pocosin Arts’ adult workshops is 18.