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Refurbished Bamboo Rods

August 11-14, 2016


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Workshop Description: Refurbishing a bamboo fly rod is an exciting and affordable way to enter the most traditional form of fly fishing. Before fiberglass, before graphite … there was bamboo. But as most know, it can be expensive. A custom, hand made split cane rods can cost up to $3,500.00! They are hand planed using tolerances of a thousands of an inch and all done with hand planes. Not exactly something that most people do themselves. But by starting with an inexpensive used rod bought on Ebay or at a yard sale/flea market yoplaningu can enter this world yourself. Join us as we take these rejects and make them fishable again as we do little things like rewrap or replace missing guides and/or touch up the finish.


Bio: Doug Hall has been handcrafting split cane fly rods as a passion for over twenty one years, and his rods are appreciated by collectors and traditionalist around the world. Teaching rod making is his way of ensuring that the craft he loves and its heritage will be handed down. He has been selected three times (of four occasions) to be one of eighteen international makers to create the “Makers Rod.”Doug Hall

2016 4-Day Workshops - Session 4: Doug Hall

Materials fees assessed at time of workshop.


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