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Painting: Landscape as Language

June 23-26, 2016


American Cedar, 48x66, oil and ink on panel, 2012 copyThe Life Underground, oil, 36 x 48, 2014Love Grows, 30 x 40, oil on panel, 2012

Workshop Description:  I believe that as artists our subject matter is not really the thing we’re saying, it’s merely the language we’re saying it in. In that spirit, we will use the traditional subject matter of landscape as a vehicle with which to explore our own voices. We will focus on oil painting, but employ mixed media to exercise, study and stretch our own perceptions of landscape. We will practice letting our natural instincts and tendencies work for the painting rather than against, literally using who you are to further your process of art-making. There will be a spirit of openness and grace towards ourselves, so that we can listen carefully to our surroundings and stories. My hope is that after this week, you will better understand many techniques of painting, but mostly you will better understand your own native tongue.Kelley commission, 36 x 56, oil on panel

This class is best suited for those who already have some basic painting experience, but we will be happy to accommodate ambitious beginners as well!Emily Leonard


Bio:  Emily Leonard has been a full-time studio artist for over seventeen years. Her paintings are included in numerous private and public collections around the world. In 2012, she was invited to participate in residency programs by the Alfred and Tratford Klots foundation in Brittany, France and the Jentel Foundation in Banner, WY. Leonard is represented by The Rymer Gallery (Nashville TN), Blue Spiral 1 (Asheville NC), and Anne Reed Gallery (Sun Valley ID). She lives and works in Nashville, TN with her husband and two year old daughter.

2016 4-Day Workshops - Session 3: Emily Leonard

Materials fees assessed at time of workshop.


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