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Painting Outside-Loose and Colorful
with Mike Rooney


May 26-29, 2016

Rooney LandscapeRooney BoatRooney Houses

Workshop Description:  Mike Rooney teaches classroom and plein air (french for “in the open air”) workshops from Maine to Key West, and Cuba to Italy, that are guaranteed to loosen up your style and transform your art. Learn to
paint outside with a loose, quick and impressionistic style by learning the how to’s of composition, color and value. we’ll cover:

~ How to quickly draw in the essentials to the scene
~ Equipment needed for plein air work
~ How to block in the big color notes fast
~ Simplifying objects
~ Working quickly
~ Massing in and values- from blobs to objects
~ Color mixing ABC’s
~ How to set up your palette

There will be tons of outdoor painting (when weather permits) guaranteed to take the mystery out of plein air painting and take your painting, inside or out, to the next level.

Rooney Headshot


Bio:   Mike Rooney is recognized as one of North Carolina’s top plein air (outdoor) painters and is represented in East Coast galleries from Cape Cod Massachussetts to Key West Florida.  He is also an accomplished workshop instructor holding classes from Maine to Key West, Italy, and recently to Cuba. Rooney also makes instructional DVD’s for a national art supply company, Jerry’s Artarama.
Painting in oil, Rooney’s subject matter varies, but he loves to show the effect of light on water, boats, and the beach environment from the salt marshes of the Atlantic seaboard to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. He lives in Key West Florida during the winter and spends a few summer months on Cape Cod and Maine so he can capture landscapes similar but different from his native coastal North Carolina.
His methodology is varied and he never follows a set way of starting a painting. He goes outside to paint, without a preconceived method or formula, approaching each painting differently, experimenting to shake things up a little. Each completed painting brings insight for the one to come. The blurs of color Rooney paints on-site from Cuba to Maine, are recognizable as boats, beach houses, and seas and they show the painters love of light and color outdoors.

2016 4-Day Workshops - Session 2: Mike Rooney

Materials fees assessed at time of workshop.


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