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Summer Art Camp welcomes youth of all ages and experience levels. No prior experience is necessary! Each class is designed for the comfort of beginners and the advancement of experienced students.  We encourage all ages to join in the summer fun and creativity.  Your child will learn about a multitude of art media – from drawing and painting to metalwork, felt, clay and music.  Instruction in various creative techniques, hand coordination skills, and tutorials on tools and equipment will be covered.

Our Summer Art programs are organized into two different age groups.  All classes run for one week, Monday through Friday. Age groups and meeting times are listed below.

At the end of the 7 weeks of Summer Art Camp, Pocosin Arts will host our Annual Youth Arts Show.  We invite you to join us Friday, August 11, 2017 at the Columbia Theater, located at 304 Main Street.  From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm family, friends and art enthusiasts can tour the creations that our local youth built during our Summer Studios.  This year we are excited to announce that we will also be presenting a concert performed by the students from our music camp session.

Summer Art Camp : (Ages 5 – 9 years) meet 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.  Students may arrive as early as 8:45 am.

Summer Art Camp : (Ages 10 – 18 years) meet 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.  Students may arrive as early as 1:15 pm.

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WEEK 4 : July 17 – July 18 | Ages 10 – 18
Diddley Bows
Students will have the opportunity to learn how to create instruments from found objects based off of the concept of a diddley bow. Students will be able to experiment with how different objects affect the projection of sound from their instrument and then get to jam out with the finished instrument!Diddley bows are single stringed instruments created from simple objects such as wire, a wooden board, and glass bottle. This American instrument holds an important place in history within the development of the blues in the Deep South.


WEEK 4 : July 19 – July 21 | Ages 10 – 18
A Drummer’s World
A Drummers World Drum line
This class will be held at the Tyrrell County School’s Auditorium (located at TyCo middle/high school)
Location: 902 Main St, Columbia, NC 27925
An interactive, fun and exciting class that teaches youth how to play drums by reading basic percussion music, cadences  by ear proper sticking techniques so easy and so fast no one would believe its happening! All we need you to bring is a little rhythm and the rest is history! Students will learn character development skills inside the classes, a huge part of helping our youth become great citizens for now as well as in the future!

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WEEK 5 : July 24 – July 28 | Ages 10 – 18
Coffee or Tea?
Instructor: Rachel Clark
Participants learn to use the pottery wheel to make coffee or tea sets.  Demonstrations on making handles, well fitting lids, and spouts that don’t dribble will be given. By the end of the course, students take home a coffee pot, cream and sugar set, and at least four coffee mugs.

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WEEK 6 : July 31 – August 4 | Ages 10 – 18
Illustrating The Banks Of The Scuppernong
Instructor: Rachel Clark
This class will be held at the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge’s indoor classroom
Location: 205 South Ludington Drive, Columbia, NC 27925

Young artists investigate the flora and fauna of Columbia in this drawing and painting class. Students explore the great outdoors learning to make artistic observations in the field and how to incorporate these field studies into paintings and drawings. This class focuses on biology and scientific illustration techniques using watercolors and colored pencils. Students will learn to collect samples and to proper identification of their samples.

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WEEK 7: August 7 – August 11 | Ages 10 – 18
Local Vocals
Instructor: Sara Westermark
Learn to sing by making snake sounds, talking with a British accent, and creating unique voices for ugly puppet talk! Students learn the basics of singing through fun exercises and vocal play. Independent exercises and group collaboration are key components to this class. At the end of the week, students perform a one of a kind concert for the Youth Arts Show.

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PAST Summer Art Camp 2017

WEEK 1 : June 19 – June 23 | Ages 10 – 18
Pin It, Hang It, Wear It
Instructor: Adam Atkinson
This workshop introduces students to the expansive world of metalsmithing. Participants learn the basics of working with metal including sawing, filing, forming, and more by making wearable pins out of sheet metal and wire. Wire can become a ring, links in a chain, a bracelet, a key fob, and even sculpture. Sheets of metal are cut and filed to become any shape the imagination can come up with. Explore the wonders of metal in this week long course.

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WEEK 2 : June 26 – June 30 | Ages 10 – 18
2-D Buffet
Instructor: Tonya Hardison
Students experience a multitude of 2-dimensional media during this week with various projects. Drawing, painting, collage making and other techniques are explored. The resulting new daily masterpieces reflect the student’s individual creativity and learning.

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WEEK 3 : July 10 – July 14 | Ages 10 – 18
Nature In Metal
Instructor: Everett Hoffman
Metal has the unique ability of capturing natural forms. In this introductory level class, students learn to create a various natural forms in metal, like leaves, flowers, insects in copper and brass. Students learn to shape metal and construct forms using techniques of hammering, sawing, filing, drilling, riveting and soldering. Students will learn lean how to use various metals working tools, a jeweler saw, from hammers, pliers, and hammers. In learning, how to make objects in metal students will strengthen their hand eye coordination, planning skills, artistic development, and hopefully some patience.

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