Cabin Fever Reliever XVII

Béatrice Coron

Cut paper artwork by Beatrice Coron

Beatrice Coron cut paper pieces documented in her studio Cut paper artwork by Beatrice Coron Decoupage by Beatrice Coron

The Cutting Edge:

February 16-19, 2017

During this intensive class of serious fun, participants will discover the incredible variety of applications of this art form from fine arts to public art commissions.  During the class, we will conceive and produce works as different as unique story-telling images with techniques on how to produce them in stenciled editions, pop-ups, dimensional work, wearable sculptures or short stop motion animation. Cutting different papers and experimenting with scale, we will keep an open mind to adapt them to other materials and explore new territories. Tips, tricks and resources will be provided.

Beginner Level Experience

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Béatrice is an artist specialized in cuttings used in artist books, installations and public art.  Her cut designs are made of paper, glass or metal from small to monumental.  Her work i sin collections such as Metropolitan Museum NY, The Getty Art Center, CA, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.  You can watch her story on TED: